Export your Power BI DAX measures using DAX Studio

Time to read: 5 minutes Have you ever wanted to search through your Power BI measures, calculated columns or calculated tables for a specific function or table/column reference? Or export your DAX logic for documentation purposes? If this is the case then this post is for you. As a Power BI dataset admin or author, … Read more

Power BI data types in relationships – Does it matter?

If you have a background in traditional database development you might have learned that using integer over e.g. string has a performance benefit in for example indexes and joins. You might have brought this knowledge with you into the world of Power BI or tabular development. Perhaps you are enforcing the use of integer columns … Read more

Level up your Power BI model using DAX Studio – Part 2

Welcome back to part two of how to level up your workflow and Power BI model using DAX Studio! I’m showing you my go to scenarios on when to use Power BI together with DAX Studio. In the first part of this post I started with an introduction to what DAX Studio is. I discussed … Read more