My name is Max Wikström. Currently working as a business intelligence consultant based in Stockholm, Sweden

I’ve been helping organizations utilize their data and gaining insights within the business intelligence area since 2015. Mainly through Microsofts Data platform.

My main area of expertise is within Microsofts Power data and BI platform.
I have extensive experience in a wide range of Microsofts data platform offering. As well as the whole Power BI platform including Power BI premium enterprise development and deep knowledge of Analysis Services Tabular.

I have many years of experience in SQL Server as well as Azure SQL and Azure data engineering tools.
I am profound in data modeling such as Kimball and data vault. I am a certified Data vault data modeler and certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate.

I’ve been running this blog since around 2019. All views expressed on this blog is my own and not my employers or any other entity.

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