Level up your Power BI model using DAX Studio – Part 2

Welcome back to part two of how to level up your workflow and Power BI model using DAX Studio! I’m showing you my go to scenarios on when to use Power BI together with DAX Studio. In the first part of this post I started with an introduction to what DAX Studio is. I discussed … Read more

Level up your Power BI model using DAX Studio – Part 1

DAX Studio is a popular tool used by many Microsoft data professionals. It is commonly used as an advanced enterprise tool when working with tabular models. Are you new to DAX Studio or want to learn more about how to use it in combination with Power BI? Follow along while I show you my go … Read more

How to add total values in bar and line charts in Power BI

A while back I did some work for a client which involved adding total values to a bar chart in Power BI. This isn’t an out of box feature in Power BI at the moment. Therefore I thought it would be of some value to write about it here and show you one way of … Read more

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