Power BI native line charts examples

Feel free to enjoy a variety of examples on how to create line charts in Power BI using native visuals.
The .pbix file is available on my github

The following examples are provided:

  • Line chart with straight and smooth lines
  • Line chart with single and multiple series
  • Line chart with stepped lines and legend
  • Line chart with comparison series and series labels
  • Line chart with comparison and dynamic shading
  • Line chart with comparison and error bars
  • Line chart with error band and error labels
  • Dot plot
  • Area chart with line
  • Stacked area chart with multiple areas and legend
  • Area chart with multiple series and shaded area
  • Line chart showing highest and lowest values
  • Line chart showing latest value
  • Line chart highlighting horizontal area
  • Line chart highlighting vertical area
  • Line chart highlighted threshold high and low values
  • Line chart with custom labels

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